Using artificial intelligence and complex systems to enhance metropolitan life

  • Christopher Monterola School of Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship, Asian Institute of Management


In this talk, I will highlight how our bottom-up modeling approaches involving various components of a city (e.g. social networks, transport, land use, crowd dynamics) are synergized to help establish theories and models that can capture the social and physical structures and form of a city. These processes help us gain a deeper understanding of cities as complex systems—allowing us to better design, manage, and evaluate urban dynamics.

About the Speaker

Christopher Monterola is a Professor at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). He heads the Institute's School of Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship and is also the Executive Managing Director of the Analytics, Computing, and Complex Systems (ACCeSs) Laboratory at AIM. He is an expert in computational and statistical physics, complexity science, and predictive analytics (artificial intelligence–machine learning and neural networks). He has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles in the fields of physics, computer science and engineering, and computational social science, among others. He has also led and managed multi-million dollar research projects in both the public and private sectors in the Philippines and abroad.
Dr. Monterola obtained his PhD in Physics from the University of the Philippines Diliman, garnering the Edgardo Gomez Excellence in Dissertation Award in 2002. He also received the Most Outstanding Graduate Student Award that year. He was a Max Planck Institute postdoctoral fellow from 2002-2005. In 2008 and 2011, respectively, he received the achievement award from the National Research Council of the Philippines and the Outstanding Young Scientist Award from the DOST National Academy of Science and Technology. Prior to joining AIM, he was a Senior Scientist and the founding head of the Complex Systems group at the Institute of High Performance Computing of A*STAR in Singapore. During this time he was simultaneously Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the Complexity Institute of Nanyang Technological University.

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